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Vazyme published in the Cell journal

Date:2015-08-11 10:23:10

The Award-Winning Paper Project of Vazyme is devoted to encourage researchers to publish more excellent articles. Since the project was carried out, customers from all over the country shared papers published in domestic and foreign journals with Vazyme. Here, we express heartfelt congratulations on the achievements of your scientific research and thanks to everyone for giving us your confidences. These represented a recognition of the quality of Vazyme products, but also gave us a motivation and encouragement. At present, researchers from Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences took advantage of 2 x Taq Plus Master Mix (Cat: P211) and ClonExpressTM II One Step Cloning Kit (Cat:C112) from Vazyme and published the article “Complementary Sequence-Mediated Exon Circularization”, in cell (IF:33.116) on September 18, 2014.

In this article, genome-wide approaches and circular RNA recapitulation were utilized to confirm that exon circularization is dependent on flanking intronic complementary sequences. Such sequences and their distribution exhibit rapid evolutionary changes, showing that exon circularization is evolutionarily dynamic. Remarkably, the researchers found that exon circularization efficiency can be regulated by competition between RNA pairing across flanking introns or within individual introns. Importantly, alternative RNA pairing and the competition between them can lead to alternative circularization, resulting in multiple circular RNA transcripts produced from a single gene. These results support the hypothesis that introns paring drive exon circulation and validate that introns exon circularization mediated by complementary sequences, and the generation of alternative circularization products may extend the complexity of mammalian posttranscriptional regulation.

The Vazyme published in the world’s leading biological journal, which fully confirmed the products and of Vazyme have been recognized by more and more scholars and experts from domestic and foreign. We will be adhering to the principle of "Expert for Expert," continuously devoted to provide the best reagents and services!

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