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2019-nCoV IgG / IgM Detection Kit (Colloidal Gold-Based)

This product is intended to detect the IgG / IgM of 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) from human serum, plasma.

Product Advantages

◆ Rapid detection within 10 mins

◆ No testing equipments required

Virus DNA/RNA Extraction Kit (Magnetic Beads Based)

This kit is applicable for extracting highly pure viral nucleic acid (DNA/RNA) from samples.

Product Advantages

◆ Simple and fast : Extraction within 20 min, no centrifuge and can be used for automated extraction

◆ Safer : Quickly inactivate viruses during extraction

FastPure Viral DNA/RNA Mini Kit

This product is intended for rapid viral DNA/RNA isolation from different kinds of specimens.

Product Advantages

◆ Simple and fast : Extraction can be completed within 10 min

◆ Wide used : Widely suitable for various clinical specimens

◆ Safe : Quickly inactivate virus and release of viral nucleic acid

Virus Sample Stabilizer

This product is applicable to specimen collection from human nasopharyngeal swab specimen and the preservation of viral nucleic acid.

Product Advantages

◆ Safe:The stabilizer can inactivate the virus and ensure the safety of operators

◆ Reliable:The active compositions in the stabilizer can inhibit the nuclease activity

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National Medical Products Administration

European CE Certification

Singapore HSA

Food and Drug Administration of Philippines

NMPA: National Medical Products Administration

Exclusive Agency

Region Agent Contact Tel E-mail
Switzerland & East Africa & North Africa Meilleure Health International Industry Group Ltd Patrice Miserez(Europe) +34 665227000 vazyme@meilleure.ch
Evan Xu(Asia) +86 15012551931 evan.xu@meilleure.com.cn
Japan Micro Blood Science Inc. Kei Otake +81 3 6240 9200 k.ohtake@microbs.jp
Poland POLGEN Sp. Z o.o. Sp. K.   +48 42 677 04 60 biuro@polgen.com.pl
Indonesia MARIA FEBE SOLARI(PT. FKS SEHAT)   +62 81381142800 maria.solari@fksgroup.com
Singapore Biolidics Limited Rebecca Tan +65 6482 0668 Sales@biolidics.com


Region Agent Contact Tel E-mail
Germany & Austria Absource Diagnostics GmbH   +49 89 4614850 12 contact@absource.de
United Kingdom Stratech Scientific Limited   +44 1638 782600 orders@stratech.co.uk
Spain ZEUMAT S.L. Maria Rubio +34 976 273 919
+34 665 783 914
Brazil & Mexico & Ecuador & Peru Shenzhen Landwind Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd   +86 0755-86968313 sales.1@landwind.com.cn
Spain & Mexico & Brazil Brilliant Healthcare Limited & Ensofill Produtos Esteticos Ltda.
  +852 37068530  
South Africa Guizhou Xiaowei Material Medical Devices Co., Ltd. Shi Fang +86 13701290497  

Global (Exclude Area with Exclusive Agency)

Agent Contact Tel E-mail
NanJing Union Supply Chain Co.,Ltd Mr. Tuo Yiran +86 025-58772663
+86 025-58772997
+86 17721526859
Meilleure Health International Industry Group Ltd Patrice Miserez (Europe) +34 665227000 vazyme@meilleure.ch
Evan Xu (Asia) +86 15012551931 evan.xu@meilleure.com.cn

  2019-nCoV IgG / IgM Detection Kit (Colloidal Gold-Based)

  Virus DNA/RNA Extraction Kit (Magnetic Beads Based)

  FastPure Viral DNA/RNA Mini Kit

  Virus Sample Stabilizer

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